Any Great Partnership Starts With Trust

Compass Payroll is designed from the bottom up to be cost effective, efficient, and friendly.


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Customized Employee Portal

As part of Compass Payroll’s HR Cloud, the Employee Portal enables your employees to log in from anywhere, at any time, to view HR information and earnings statements, or view and submit time off requests.


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Customer-Oriented Staff & Management

We’ll deliver the insight, experience and support you need to help you manage the administration of your payroll and taxes.


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Electronic Onboarding

Compass Payroll’s HR Cloud simplifies and streamlines the onboarding process for your new employees, dramatically reducing the time needed to capture employee data while improving accuracy and efficiency.


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Customized Solutions For Your Business

Compass Payroll helps reduce the complexity and confusion of your payroll processing, allowing you to focus on running your business.


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Powerful Reporting

As part of Compass Payroll’s HR Cloud, reporting is fast, easy and accurate; providing you with key insights to run your business.


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Committed to Your Success

We partner with your team and establish best practices that are compliant, customer-focused, cost-effective, competitive, and creative.


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Complete HR Solution

Compass Payroll’s HR Cloud is 100% web based, easy to use, complete HR software that couples with Compass Payroll expert HR services, all designed to simplify HR and let you focus on growth.


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Have a new employee? Download our updated Employee Enrollment form.

Reminder: Don’t forget to update Employee’s addresses for W-2’s

Florida Minimum Wage Rates to Raise January 1, 2019

Payroll Service for Small & Large Companies Alike

Outsourcing payroll is an excellent idea for companies looking to save time for the fun stuff – like increasing sales and focus on your core competencies! Of course, this is one of the most important aspects of any company, but quite often this one project can monopolize too much of an organization’s valuable time and resources.

Plus, as a company grows, payroll and other administrative services become more and more complicated. Rather than let your payroll service become overwhelming and run the risk of making costly mistakes, trust Compass Payroll to help. Our highly experienced human resources specialists have the management and proficiency needed to help you handle all your payroll service needs with unmatched efficiency and expertise.

We Specialize In

Payroll & Tax Administration Services

Payroll & Tax Administration Services

Compass Payroll handles all payroll transactions including payment of payroll taxes.

Client-Sponsored Benefit Administration

Client-Sponsored Benefit Administration

Compass Payroll will provide management and complete administration of the client’s benefit programs.

Whether you’re in the market to outsource just your processing or you need an expert team to handle the entire HR department’s tasks,

Compass Payroll has the Latest technology, customer-oriented staff and management experience required to meet your diverse needs.

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Latest News & Updates

Entrepreneurs Find Hiring a Payroll Service Brings Perks

Small business owners want their business to grow, and this often includes hiring employees. Adding staff to an enterprise frees up time for an owner to focus on strategy and long-term projects and step out of day-to-day tasks, such as ringing up customers at the cash register or making sales calls.
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Here’s What You Need to Know About the New W-4 Forms

When you hire new employees, ensuring they complete a W-4 should be one of the first administrative items on your checklist. And while the IRS recommends employees submit a new W-4 each year, most employees don't typically review their W-4s or make adjustments unless they've experienced a life-changing event such as getting married or having kids.
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What Our Customers Are Saying

“While our company has utilized payroll services in the past, Compass Payroll has far exceeded our expectations. The time our company saves in processing payroll, keeping up with payroll taxes etc., allows us more time to serve our own client base. The staff is always readily available and are prompt with answers to any questions or concerns. Compass Payroll truly delivers optimal customer service and we would highly recommend their services.”


“Thank you Richard & everyone at Compass Payroll for your continued support and ability to provide excellent service! You are all fantastic to work with and we appreciate your hard work and dedication.”


“This is my first interaction with you and your firm and I just want to say it is an absolute pleasure working with you. The previous payroll company we worked with for 7+ years had me under the impression they all operated the way they did. It is very refreshing to work with a person and organization that is so professional, prompt and courteous. Compass Payroll has been a wonderful find for us and I look forward to a long and prosperous working relationship. Being the owner, I don’t get a lot of opportunities to communicate with some of the different companies that make us “go” behind the scenes but both you and your team have proven to be a huge asset to ours. I appreciate all your help during this transitional period.”


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