Employee Portal

As part of Compass Payroll’s HR Cloud, the Employee Portal enables your employees to log in from anywhere, at any time, to view HR information and earnings statements, or view and submit time off requests.

Access from Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime

The Employee Portal offers a modern, easy-to-use interface that works across smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. It makes it easy for your employees to access the information they need, when they need it.

Branded and Customized Portal

The Employee Portal is easily customizable to represent your brand, including colors, log in screen and even customizable widgets. The system also supports Spanish, making it easier for your Spanish-speaking employees to navigate the portal and get the information they need.


Compass Payroll’s HR Cloud simplifies and streamlines the onboarding process for your new employees, dramatically reducing the time needed to capture employee data while improving accuracy and efficiency.

Improve Onboarding Speed and Efficiency

HR Cloud Onboarding makes it easy to capture employee demographic information, federal, state and local tax filing forms. With a complete set of digital and online forms combined with electronic signature functionality, new hires can get started fast with complete, accurate records and data.

Seamless Integration

Onboarding is fully integrated into the HR Cloud. This means data gathered during the hiring process automatically feeds into Onboarding. And, employee data gathered during onboarding and enrollment is seamlessly added to payroll.


All forms and documents associated with Onboarding and Enrollment are securely tracked and stored. Digital signatures can be easily captured for complete and auditable records.


As part of Compass Payroll’s HR Cloud, reporting is fast, easy and accurate; providing you with key insights to run your business.

Get Rapid Insight into Key Metrics

With Compass Payroll’s HR Cloud, you get the insight you need to make decisions on your business. From standard reports with HR, benefits and payroll data to custom employee reports, you have access to the information that’s most important to you.

Simple, Yet Powerful Reporting

Using a simple and easy-to-use dashboard you can search to quickly find any report you need and add frequently-used reports to the favorites menu for faster access. Pre-built reports let you quickly access payroll, HR and employee data that can be filtered using a wide range of parameters.

Automated payroll reports make it easy to access your payroll history and you can view payrolls by date range, payroll number, location and more. Each payroll report can be exported to Excel, PDF or printed right from the report. Access to reporting data is controlled through role-based permissions, so individual managers only see the data they need.

Advanced Reporting with Data Retriever

Go deeper and get the specific data you want with Data Retriever. Data Retriever makes it easy to select the data you want and quickly view or export to Excel. Additionally, if there is information that you need to access on an ongoing basis, you can create and save templates within Data Retriever.

Acline HR’s HR Cloud gives you a complete solution for the insight you need on employee, payroll and HR activity.

HR Cloud

Compass Payroll’s HR Cloud is 100% web based, easy to use, complete HR software that couples with Compass Payroll expert HR services, all designed to simplify HR and let you focus on growth.

Compass Payroll’s HR Cloud provides everything you need for world-class HR today, and tomorrow. It delivers industry-leading payroll, benefits, HR, hiring and more, combined with services and advice from our HR experts.

How does it help your help business?

Move and Grow Faster

The combination of HR Cloud and expert HR services from Compass Payroll will save countless hours every week on HR functions, enabling you to focus on customers and growing your business.

Reduce Complexity

Implementing an HR system and process can be daunting, and choosing anything but the HR Cloud, means that the you won’t be able to utilize the full range of integrated HR services across the employee lifecycle.


With the right HR technology and services in place, you will save not just money but great employees too. With great HR offerings and insight you can not only be more efficient and move faster, but you can also reduce turnover.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Your employees can quickly view payroll, benefits and HR information on any device and at any time. The modern and easy-to-use platform enables your team to get the info they need quickly and then get back to work.

The HR Cloud is Proven